Tricia Buetow describes herself as a long-time fitness fanatic who enthusiastically exercised every day. But when she had her first child, she quickly realized that something had to give. “I was no longer able to just lace up my sneakers and go for an early morning jog (my exercise of choice).”

The challenges of becoming a new mom struggling to find time for physical fitness led her to the local gym where they offered a child care service. “My very first class was this thing they called BODYPUMP™. It was advertised as the world’s fastest way to get in shape; The original barbell class for all fitness levels.” Having always enjoyed lifting weights Tricia thought she’d give it a go.

Walking into the busy studio, Tricia picked up the crazy energy and it immediately captured her interest, “I knew then that these were my people, and that this was my kind of class.”

“I LOVED it from the very first beat. The music was great, the volume better with the bass just perfectly balanced to course through my veins. It gave me the motivation to carry on even when I didn’t want to. It really was love at first burn.”

Becoming a BodyPump Instructor

It was in that first class that Tricia says she decided she was going to become an instructor. “I knew I was destined to be the instructor that would someday lead this room full of people to fitness beyond their wildest dreams.”

Tricia did her instructor training when release 38 hit the scene. “It featured some of the best songs from Lionel Richie, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears and Pink! To this day, I feel so nostalgic when I hear any one of those songs.” It was during her training that, not only did she learn all the necessary insights and tools to feel confident in her teaching skills, she also found her passion. “I feel I was meant to inspire… I want people to feel those spine-tingling chills I get every time the music hits.”

Once she became an instructor, teaching BODYPUMP kept Tricia fit through her three and a half pregnancies that followed – she includes a half pregnancy (which happened between baby #2 and #3) because she was 20 weeks pregnant when she had an unexplained miscarriage. During this sad time BODYPUMP became her therapy and the support and love from her loyal class participants (she calls them her second family) helped see her through. “I needed to prove to myself that I could overcome the betrayal of my own body. I needed to feel strong again.” The whole experience made her realize just how empowering BODYPUMP can be. “In a world full of unknowns and senseless tragedies, it gives us purpose and helps us feel like we can overcome anything. I always joke that if you can survive a BODYPUMP class you can survive anything.”

one-armed push-up


What started as a convenient hobby that Tricia could do while raising four children has become an invaluable part of daily life. “I now know that there is nothing I can’t do if I work hard enough.” She adds that the benefits are not only personal. Tricia says one her greatest accomplishments is knowing she has positively influenced her children. “They value fitness, they want to be strong, and this makes me puff my chest with pride.”