After losing his job, suffering through abdominal surgery and dealing with a series of personal crises, Junwei, pictured above with master trainer Reagan Kang, had fallen into a deep depression. He knew he needed to do something about it. “There were days and nights when I could do nothing but lie in bed. I had completely lost direction in my life.”

The BodyPump Buzz

Desperate to regain control, Junwei took action by forcing himself to get physically active – and that’s when he tried his very first BodyPump™ class. It left him buzzing. And he even says he was so inspired that it diluted his muscle soreness!

“When fatigue was kicking in each track, I knew I had to own it!”

This helped him realize that he had the strength to take control and own his life.bodypump

Junwei says that the way BodyPump has helped transform his life is remarkable. “It has uplifted my mood, boosted my body and changed my view of myself.”

With newfound confidence under his belt Junwei made the move to become an instructor. BodyPump 79 release was the first class Junwei ever taught. “The second track, ‘Closer to the edge’, is still my favorite. It pulls me back to those rough moments and reminds me that ‘I will never forget’ and ‘I will never regret’.”

In 2015, Junwei was chosen to present at one of the world’s biggest fitness events, Les Mills Live in Shanghai. Here he led thousands of exercisers through the BodyPump squat track. “On the stage, I realized that there are no random events in life. All individuals and experiences are connected in some way.”

“I am grateful that BodyPump came into my life and navigated me through darkness!”