All of the LES MILLS GRIT workouts are designed with set exercises that have safety and science at their core. They’ve all been tried and tested for safety and results. If you have any specific health concerns, check with your doctor before doing a LES MILLS GRIT workout.

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How fit do I need to be to start doing CXWORX?

CXWORX is for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The moves are simple and low-impact options mean you choose the intensity. You will soon experience the benefits of increased cardio and functional fitness. You never know until you go.

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How often should I do a BodyPump class?

BodyPump will really challenge all of your major muscle groups so we recommend you do no more than two to three classes a week, and make sure you have a day off in between. Add two to three cardio classes into the mix and you’ll shape and tone your body in no time.

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How strong do I need to be?

BodyPump instructors provide options to suit everyone. It’s a good idea to start with really light weights or even just a bar. Start slowly with just one to two classes a week and build up from four or five tracks to a full class. You’ll find your fitness and strength improves over a number of sessions.

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What do I need for a BodyPump class?

All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a drink bottle and a sweat towel. During the class you’ll use a weight bar and weight plates and a step. These will be supplied in the class.

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