Cabbage Salad – Why Its One of My Favorite Recipes

Cabbage Salad (Lahanosalata) is another favorite salad of mine! Not only is it easy but by adding fennel to it makes it more flavorful giving the salad a light licorice flavor. The first time I tried this salad was when I was in my early teens. It was love at first bite! Not only was [...]

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BodyX Fitness Trainer Spotlight: Jenny Lofaro

Jenny has made movement and healthy living a part of her life. Her passion is helping others to set their personal goals and help them see their endless potential. Functional Movement Training Yoga (mobility) Triathlon (swimming, cycling, running) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rowing She graduated from Lehigh University where she was recruited to row on the [...]

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If You Can Survive BodyPump You Can Survive Anything…

Tricia Buetow describes herself as a long-time fitness fanatic who enthusiastically exercised every day. But when she had her first child, she quickly realized that something had to give. “I was no longer able to just lace up my sneakers and go for an early morning jog (my exercise of choice).” The challenges of becoming [...]

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