NEW CLASS ADDED TO BODYX! REBOUND & SCULPT! TUESDAYS AT 8:30AM! Nothing will get you in shape like REBOUNDING! Give your body the BOOST it needs & you will take yourself to new heights of FITNESS!! This NEW class is JUST WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS to RESET your fitness level & bring you beyond your [...]

Body Pump

Get lean, build strength & tone muscle with Body Pump! A group-based barbell class to work ALL your major muscle groups! Try this 60 minute workout at BodyX in Bryn Mawr with Frances Vavloukis!

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“A Taste Of Greece”

A “Taste of Greece” was a huge success at BodyX last night! At BodyX we celebrate healthy living! Sharing our love for good food is more than a wonderful cooking & dining experience! It is a healthy living experience that will touch your heart! Cheers 🥂To your Health! ~BodyX #BodyXFitness #Cookingdemo #GreekFood #ChefFrances #foodlover #cheflife [...]

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BodyX Challenge

The BodyX 14 Day Challenge is an all-encompassing, intense 14 day program that will transform your mind, body and spirit. This is a great way to start the new year!

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